Nathan Scott, Ph.D.

I am currently a Senior Architect at Westpac New Zealand, responsible for their Consumer Finance divison which includes their cards & payments and consumer lending products.

I was most recently an Architect at Xero. I worked on a number of projects there, including the acquisition and integration of Locate Inventory, and on product development and modernisation. Prior to that, I lead the enterprise data strategy and data product architecture at a company handling around 80% of New Zealand's electronic payments, totalling over NZ$70 billion each year.

See here for a summary of my CV or my LinkedIn profile.

My Ph.D thesis established design and practice for the next generation of large-scale spiking neural networks, for complex pattern recognition in streaming big data. I also developed specialised hardware implementations of these spiking neural networks, in neuromorphic hardware systems like ASICs and SpiNNaker. I was an invited lecturer at the IEEE CIS Summer School on Neuromorphic and Cyborg Intelligent Systems, and won the Neural Networks Journal Best Paper Award in 2016.

Information about my Ph.D. and publications can be found here.